Upload Videos Using Youtube Studio

Upload videos using youtube studio
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Upload Videos Using Youtube Studio

Hi everybody, I am Mahbobe, in this tutorial, I will show you, how you can uploading videos using youtube studio from your computer or lap tap easy, please follow me

let’s go, we want to start!

first, we while logged in, then go to youtube studio. if you are on the channel dashboard, click the upload icon in the top right or you can click the Create icon, then you can upload a video.

Upload Videos Using Youtube Studio

after that choose the video file or multiple files you would like to upload.after selecting a file to upload. you can close the upload screen at any point and your video will be saved as a draft on your videos page.

in this step, from here you will be asked to add a title, description, and thumbnail for your video.you can also add it to a playlist and you will be asked to set your video’s audience.

you can find additional settings by clicking more options. once you will add these details, click Next.

if monetization is enabled on your channel through the youtube partner program you will be led to this section next.

you can choose to have monetization turned on or off for that specific video. if you choose to have monetization turned on, you can fill out your ad settings.

once you will add these details, click next. you can add different video elements like end screens and cards and click next.

then, under visibility, you can choose whether you want to publish your video now ad public or set it as unlisted or private.

Upload Videos Using Youtube Studio

or, you can choose to schedule your video for next time for a future date and time or you can set up your video as a Premiere. after that, you click Publish if you want your video to go public immediately.

done if you are leaving it as unlisted or private or schedule if you want to pick another day and time to publish your video or set it as a Premiere.

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