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Our Privacy Pledge
Your privacy is very important to us. To help protect your privacy, we include a notice outlining our online information policies and the choices you can make on how your information is collected and used.

This privacy protection statement is the commitment of this website ( to protect users’ personal privacy. In view of the characteristics of the network, this website will inevitably have a direct or indirect interactive relationship with you, so hereby explain the collection, use and protection policies adopted by this website for users’ personal information. Please read carefully:


We will collect non-personal information through your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, the type of operating system, the domain name of the ISP that provides you with access services, etc. The page displayed on the computer screen. By collecting the above information, we also conduct customer traffic statistics to improve website management and services.


When you carry out various activities on this site, sometimes you will be asked to provide some particulars through registration forms, orders, etc. with your consent and confirmation Information, such as your name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, home address, education level, company situation, industry, occupation, education level, income status, marriage, family status. 

Please be assured that we will not use the information you provide for participating in specific activities of this website for other purposes until we have agreed and confirmed with you.  However, when government agencies require this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures,  we will provide personal data in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. In this case, any disclosure of this website shall be exempted.


This website will strictly manage and protect the information you provide. This website will use corresponding technology to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. When necessary, we entrust professional and technical personnel to process this kind of data on behalf of the computer to meet the needs of the era of the professional division of labour.


You have the following rights to your personal data:

  • Inquire and request reading at any time;

  • Request supplements or corrections at any time;
  • Request deletion at any time;
  • Request to stop computer processing and utilization;
  • Limit the principle of use.

This website can only use the collected personal data beyond the necessary scope if it meets one of the following conditions:

Have obtained your written consent;

To avoid your urgent danger in life, body or property;

To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;

To promote the public interest, and do not harm your major interests;

When government agencies require this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal data in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. In this case, any disclosure of this website shall be exempted.


Cookies refer to technology. When a user visits this website with a cookie device, the server of this website will automatically send cookies to your browser and store them in your computer’s hard drive. This cookie will be responsible for recording your future Various activities, personal data, browsing habits, consumption habits and even credit history of visiting this website.

Using Cookies technology, this website can provide you with more thoughtful and personalized services. This website will use cookies to track your shopping preferences, so as to provide you with interesting information or save passwords so that you do not have to enter the password again each time you visit this website.


This website will establish and maintain a reasonable procedure to protect the confidentiality and security of minors’ personal information. This website recommends that any minor under the age of 16 to participate in online activities should obtain the verifiable consent of parents or their legal guardians (hereinafter collectively referred to as “guardians”).

The guardian shall bear the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy rights of minors in the network environment;

This website collects personal information of minors only for the purpose of replying to specific requests of minors. Once the reply is completed, it will be deleted from the records without retaining these data for further use;

Without the consent of the guardian, this site will not use the personal data of minors, nor will it disclose or transmit personal data identifying the minor to any third party. If the purpose of collecting the names of guardians or minors or other network communication information on this website is only to obtain the consent of the guardian, after a reasonable period of time without obtaining consent, it will actively delete such information from the records;

If the minor’s guardian agrees, this website can collect the minor’s personal data, and we will provide the guardian with:

Opportunity to review the information collected from their children or guardians;

Refuse the opportunity for further collection or use of the personal data of their children or guardians;

Change or delete the personal data of their children or guardians;

The guardian has the right to refuse further contact with the children or guardian of this website;

This website collects the personal data of minors. These data are only used to protect the safety of minors when participating in online activities, not for other purposes. This website guarantees that minors will not be asked to provide additional personal data as a condition for allowing them to participate in online activities.

8. Updatation and Revision

This site welcomes your comments and questions about this confidentiality system. We will work to protect your personal information and do our best to ensure the safety of this information. Due to the rapid development of online technology, we will update our information confidentiality system at any time. All revisions will be announced on this site. 

The right to modify and update the privacy protection statement of this website belongs to the owner of the site as per the rule of law.

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