How To Increase Sales And Profitability Through SEM

How to increase sales and profitability through SEM.
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How To Increase Sales And Profitability Through SEM

Interesting statistics from search engines and their marketing Before starting this topic, let us first show you some real statistics as to why search engine marketing is the most important and effective way to succeed in internet marketing.

First, read some interesting information from Google, the largest search engine in the world:

Google has more than 92 percent of the search engines in the world. More than 90% of Google ‘s revenue comes from selling ad packages on Google AdWords and YouTube. Google is estimated to be worth about $740 billion on its current market, ranking fourth after Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Google manages almost 200 different companies under its umbrella.
In 2017 alone, the company won almost $95 billion in advertising. This amount is said to have been accompanied by an increase of 5 to 15% in 2018 and 2019.
Google’s email service (Gmail) accounts for more than 27 percent of email clients worldwide.

What’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing ( SEM), also known as SEM for short, is a process by which search engines and their peripherals are used to gain better rankings, increase site traffic, and, subsequently, increase sales and profitability. The first fundamental factor and objective pursued in this article are to reach the first places on the search engine or SERP pages.
That’s why professional webmasters are focusing on the proper use of SEM so that by putting their site link on the first pages of the search results, they will be viewed tens of times more and have a much larger audience. Many people in this field know that SEM and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) are one thing, but the main point is that SEO is one of the main methods of this marketing and, in other words, the most important solution along with other SEM methods. In the following, we shall examine these issues in more detail.

How to increase sales and profitability through SEM.
How to increase sales and profitability through SEM.

Is it SEO or PPC? Which one is better than that?

As mentioned earlier, SEM marketing has two main components. In other words, this type of marketing is carried out in two general ways. These two methods include search engine optimization ( SEO) or SEO and payment and advertising methods (PPC campaigns in general). Both of these methods can bring your website to the first pages of the results of your search. However, the main point is that, given the wide range of SEO topics, experts in this field consider it to be an exclusive and separate category, but the truth is that SEO will not make sense without search engines.
The SEO method is slower to conclude but is much more stable than advertising. This is a professional and specialized method, and to do this, you need to follow a number of principles and strategies. On the other hand, PPC, unlike SEO, is a quick way to get results, but its persistence is temporary, and as soon as the time is up, the ads ordered are removed. Also, it’s enough to spend and order advertisements for this method. This requires a bit of precision, but it’s much simpler than the SEO method.
With these interpretations and according to these explanations, it should be acknowledged that both methods can be used depending on the type of your business activity or your choices. Some employers and entrepreneurs prefer to make their websites or networks famous by investing and spending money on search engine advertising. They usually have long-term advertising strategies and invest almost a lot of money in the sector. On the other hand, they do not need to use SEO techniques.
This method is only relevant to new visitors as long as you keep updating these ads on an ongoing basis. Of course, you may be able to find regular customers by providing the right information and good products after you have been recognized by your audience. But SEO provides you not only with new visitors but also with regular contacts. SEO is a suggested way to introduce search engines to all parts of the site. This topic covers a number of subcategories, including content marketing. But in PPC ads, you can only advertise one or more limited words on your search pages. This means that if you want to bring every product or page of your site to the first pages of your search, you must order the ads separately.

Is SEO needed to launch an effective SEM campaign?

Although one of the most important factors in search engine marketing is their click-through advertising systems, if you’re going to design a site without considering SEO tips and strategies and want to introduce it to SEM, it’s better not to do that because it’s just time, energy and you’re going to waste your budget!

SEO is not just a series of techniques to improve the ranking and position of your site; it is a multi-faceted science to exploit the full potential of your site. It’s interesting to know that many webmasters mistakenly believe that SEO only means better ranking, but the fact is that ranking is just one of the factors behind the SEO campaign. This kind of misconception causes many sites to simply strive for this ranking issue, and many business owners have been plagued by its adverse consequences.
We have repeatedly stated in various sections of the admin that true SEO means attracting attention and meeting the needs of the audience! Just getting a good search engine ranking doesn’t save you a lot of money. In view of this talk, it can be understood that SEO is a set of items, strategies, strategies, and tools that improve the site in a number of ways.
Of course, a good and user-friendly design, high loading speed, responsiveness, and compatibility with mobile phones and things like this are all factors that a successful site should have. These are all subsets of SEO techniques and tips. So we have to say yes to the question that was asked in the title of this section. You need an SEO site to start an SEM campaign. Unless you are satisfied with the momentary visits of the users or have no problem with increasing the bounce rate and ultimately the unprofitability of your site!
But what are the best way and the best approach in this field? Act as adults! The world’s most powerful companies with rich content and almost perfect SEO are still turning to SEM advertising! These successful enterprises have achieved the best possible result by creating a balance between SEO and SEM. Such an approach can be clearly seen in a number of successful websites, including Iran’s top online stores.
So instead of focusing on SEO alone, you can focus on SEM marketing with a reasonable budget. If you can create a balanced boundary to create a balance between the two, you’ve done a great job!

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