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One of the most important factors that keeps companies from growing is that they do not work effectively on marketing and sales. We can help you in a number of ways

The major topics of our site are in the field of internet marketing and the launch of online businesses, and by providing specialized visual and textual content, as well as holding face-to-face and online courses, it seeks to create world-class quality education.

Values of our site and our team:

Customer satisfaction is our biggest asset.

Learning has no boundary for us.

Creativity is at the heart of our work.

We ‘re committed to what we say,

We use our experience to create effective role models for e-commerce.

We ‘re always open to change.

We provide exclusive advice tailored to your company.

Holding of training courses in internet marketing, marketing , sales, management , advertising, improvement of personal performance. Thanks

My professional background to me:

Full expertise in Google Advertising Systems and experience working with Google Adwords with 6 years of experience.

Experience working with external online advertising systems such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Vibrant Media, etc.

Full expertise working with MailChimp, iContact email marketing systems.

Full site optimization expertise for search engines based on the latest SEO algorithms (SEO)

Expertise in analysing online stores and providing solutions to improve online sales and returns

Expertise in improving user experience on business sites and specialised analysis of online procedures (User Experience)

Full expertise in website implementation and content management systems development
Introduction to Magento, OpenCart, Interspire Shopping Cart, PerstaShop Online Shop Building Systems
Familiarity with the analysis of online customer behaviour and the improvement of the online store purchase process.

Extensive A / B testing in Internet business and in-depth online sales experience.

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